Best Asian Food, Delivered. Chowbus is a food delivery App (available  on IOS and Android) providing high quality, authentic Asian food to its customers in most large North America cities.

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Discovering and ordering fantastic authentic asian cuisine and groceries are simple and easy on the Chowbus app.

Established in 2016, Launched in Chicago, Chowbus connects traditional mom-and-pop restaurants with diners in 20 cities across North America delivering authentic food from 3,000 restaurants to 300,000 users on its platform.

To win over Asian food lovers, Chowbus provides curated list of high-quality mom-and-pop restaurants paired with real food pictures, unique bundling feature which allows users to order from multiple restaurants in a single delivery, and reliable self-operated delivery service. In 2020, chowbus is listed as one of the top 100 marketplaces in the United States.

Chowbus is proud to help small restaurants across North America to share their diverse, mouth-watering flavors with people everywhere. Our team works hard to bring more unique food options to users’ fingertips with easy ordering experience and consistently high-quality delivery service, continually, every single day.

Chowbus deliveries now available in these areas:

Ann Arbor 安娜堡

Atlanta 亚特兰大

Boston 波士顿

Bay Area 湾区

Champaign 香槟

Chicago 芝加哥

Columbus 哥伦布市

DMV 大华府

Edison 爱迪生

Jersey City 新泽西

Lansing 兰辛

Los Angeles 洛杉矶

Minneapolis 明尼阿波利斯

NYC 纽约

Philadelphia 费城

San Francisco 旧金山

Seattle 西雅图

St. Louis 圣路易斯

Vancouver 温哥华

West Lafayette 西拉法耶


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